Del City – City Hall

The Del City Hall renovation project moved the city offices into an existing 37,000 sq. foot three story building.  H&A reconfigured the existing building layout to meet City Hall requirements.  The first floor design included council chambers, meeting rooms, administrative offices, city clerk, plan review and finance offices.

Second floor space overlooking the first floor atrium hallway included renovation for additional city offices.  The second floor city manager’s office renovation incorporated a new exterior balcony.  The basement renovation included training rooms, offices, conference and storage areas.  Two exterior vehicle garages were built.  The interior spaces received new finishes that complemented the existing wood ceiling structure.

Decorative triangular shaped pendant lights were hung in the open two story lobby that runs the length of the building.  Exterior renovation work included a new entry glass canopy with color changing lighting and new roofing.  New landscaping was added around the exterior of the building.  A new park area on the site with gazebo, walking trails and water features was designed.