Del City – Community Center

The Del City Community Center Facility includes a library, fire department and community banquet hall.  The clients design goal was to modernize the exterior and interior of the existing building.  To achieve this H&A designed a new main building glass entry canopy, glass covered patio courtyard and a glass covered fire department entry.

The glass canopies are accentuated by LED colored changing lights. New energy efficient windows were installed throughout the building.  The building received a new roof and HVAC system.  Interior upgrades included a new glass entry vestibule.  The lobby was renovated with LED colored changing lighting located in the existing circular light cove at the ceiling. The main banquet and event room renovation included the addition of a large folding banquet wall partition giving flexibility in using the room as one large or two smaller rooms.  In the banquet hall new ceiling forms with pendent lights along with new wall and floor finishes were installed. The catering kitchen was updated.

Meeting rooms and bathrooms were renovated in the community center.  The main hallway was converted into a display gallery hall.  Fire department renovation included a new kitchen and upgrades to the living areas.  Library renovation included a new exterior ADA accessible entry and ADA compliant bathrooms.  New walking trails, seating areas, outdoor volleyball court and parking were added on the site.