Fred Jones Art School and Museum

Howard and Associates was hired to provide professional architectural services to design the Fred Jones School of Art and Art museum located on the North campus of the University of Oklahoma. The clients goal was to design a modern building.

The building has a basement, first and second floors with an open roof top art sculpture garden. The art school provides a study of the visual arts, design, and art history.

The art museum houses a collection of notable art. H&A designed the art museum interior with a two story open gallery lobby space to be flexible in its use using moveable wall partitions to hang gallery exhibits on.

The art school includes classrooms, administrative and faculty offices. The modern design elements include a flat roof building, and large expanses of vertical glass providing natural daylight into the building.

The exterior of the building has a mix of vertical brick wall forms and horizontal stepped soffit forms to accentuate the large expanses of two story vertical glass walls.