Kams headquarters building is located in an industrial district near downtown Oklahoma City.  The 1950s building houses administrative offices, warehouse and manufacturing areas.  The client’s goal was to renovate the building with a contemporary appearance incorporating natural materials and landscaping.

To achieve this goal H&A designed a series of floating stone columns supporting several horizontal sloped canopy shingled roof structures.  New canopies were added to the front of the building above the receiving dock and above the public service counter entrance.  Stepped stone planters with natural landscaping were integrated into the design.  Stone was applied to the exterior of the building face.  Copper roofing was used on the canopies.  New exterior energy efficient windows were added.

Interior renovation work included office space, waiting area, service areas, art gallery and testing room.  Wood trim and paneling with decorative lighting was used throughout. Additional Kams buildings on the site were renovated to match the headquarters building appearance.