Lotus Restaurant

Howard and Associates was hired to design Lotus Restaurant located in the historic Kingman building built in 1908 in Bricktown.  The first floor restaurant and elevated outdoor patio overlooks the Bricktown canal below.

The clients goal was to have multiple dining spaces for public and private use.  The interior space has a sushi bar, bar, kitchen, pantry and storage.  The restaurant has a large open dining room and a private dining room used for meetings and banquets.  Integrated into the design were sheer fabric forms backlit with colorful changing lighting creating an artful appearance.  The fabric forms define the seating arrangements and add a strong visual impact to the unique dining experience,  A glass etched lotus backlit wall acts as a focal point in the sushi bar area.

Exposed natural wood columns, beams and ceiling structures were left exposed to accentuate the ceiling heights and structure, meeting historical building construction guidelines.  Decorative pendant lights were placed throughout the restaurant.  The colorful changing interior lighting seen through large exterior glass windows produces a strong visual identification from the pedestrian street level below.