McMahon Auditorium

The City of Lawton’s goal was to update finishes in the 1955 performing arts center located in Elmer Park and to add serving space to the facility.  Howard and Associates designed two symmetrical one story additions located on each side of the two story building.  Each addition is used for serving space.

The design of the additions match the existing architectural style using large expanses of vertical glass space between concrete wall forms.  The new finishes include large mirrored walls above serving counters and geometrically designed terrazzo flooring.  Existing men’s and women’s restrooms were renovated to make them ADA accessible.  The restrooms received all new finishes.

The renovation work included new entry glass doors across the continuous glass front of the existing lobby.  Other renovation work included wall finishes upgrades, lighting upgrades, renovation of the arts and humanities offices and the balconies overlooking the lobby below.